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Our first blog post!

In the 2010s, experts declared the death of print.

Bookstore chains like Borders closed shop. Book lovers went minimal and threw out their libraries in favor of Kindles. Mailing services faced a drop in letters, bills and documents to deliver.

The digital landscape grew, and our perception of life changed: anything physical now had an onscreen form. Journals became blogs, letters became emails, and announcements became social media posts.

They were right about the boom of digital, but they were wrong about the death of print. Print is still here.

Visual art exploded and Etsy stores keep running out of stock of painted and printed art. The art of calligraphy saw a rise and created a wide community, with some lessons taught online. Some of Instagram’s most sought after aesthetics are purely analog, including watercolors and brush strokes.

Printed matter was able to ride the wave of digital connectivity, and where it diminished, it learned to grow in other ways.

The magic of print is still alive. Being constantly connected in the digital sphere made other ways of connecting that much more valuable: someone’s unique handwriting over generic emails fonts; a special note with inside jokes as opposed to predictive responses; the joy of giving a customized gift over liking a social media post.

For The Love of Prints has always held craftsmanship, social correspondence, and the printed matter dear, and we’re here to continue to serve those who wish to keep carving special moments out of our everyday humdrum days with the joy you can only find in the love for prints.

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